HealthStats ACT has been developed by the Epidemiology Section. The Epidemiology Section provides population health monitoring and reporting for the ACT population. This is achieved through three primary activities: collecting, analysing and disseminating population health information.

The Epidemiology Section ensures that high quality data and statistics are readily available to inform public health policy and program decisions by engaging with health data users.  We provide leadership within the collection, analyses, dissemination and use of health statistics.

To facilitate easy access to up-to-date health information, we now provide web-based data display and statistical reporting.   We maintain and add to our ongoing health series of publications to inform health professionals, policy developers and the community on health status in the Territory. This information assists the development of appropriate policy and service delivery models, the evaluation of programs, and understanding of how the ACT compares with Australia as a whole with regard to health status.

The Epidemiology Section has the following main functions:

  • Population Health Survey Program
  • Data linkage and epidemiological implications
  • ACT Cancer Registry
  • Population Health Informatics
  • Knowledge Translation and Health Outcomes

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