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How do I contact you if I have feedback about the content of the HealthStats ACT or need more information?

Please email us at


Why am I being taken to a different website ( when I use some of the menu options on the graphs?

Our data is hosted on as part of an open data initiative of the ACT Government, DataACT. DataACT is an initiative for the ACT com­munity enabling indi­vidu­als, busi­nesses, journ­al­ists, NGOs and the pub­lic sec­tor to access, explore and build upon gov­ern­ment datasets in new and innov­at­ive ways. For further information please contact


How do I print a graph/table from HealthStats ACT?

Please click on the menu button on the right hand side of the graph and select ‘Print’.


Can I analyse data in HealthStats ACT?

No, HealthStats ACT does not include analytical software. To analyse the data, download the data via the menu button on the right hand side of the graph and select ‘Download’. 


Can I modify the graphs?

Yes, our graphs are accessed through the DataACT. Graphs can be modified by clicking the graph title next to the magnifying glass symbol within the graph. From there you are taken to the Socrata interface (please note the useful links page also has links to Socrata instructional videos. By clicking on ‘Visualise’ (green button) you are able to change the variables and appearance of the graph. 

To filter and visualise data on DataACT

1. Click desired dataset

2. Once it displays, click   to apply a filter to the current dataset

3. Click 

4. Choose the desired variable by clicking  (eg disease) and type in the value below

(Note: if you wish to change the filter operation click )

5. Each time you change the filter it should refresh the data display to reflect the changes

6. Once you have filtered the dataset as required, click 

7. Choose the desired chart type from the list (eg column)

8. Add the "chart definitions"

    - change the "choose label data" to reflect the variable you would like displayed on the x axis

    - change the "choose value data" to reflect the values you wish displayed on the chart

9. To display as separate groups (eg ACT and Australia), click

10. Add the "group by" variable from those under "advanced data selection" 

11. The colour scheme can be changed here

12. The position of the legend can be changed here

13. The axis values can be modified here

For further information on DataACT please contact


The data is presented by the ACT Government for the purpose of disseminating information for the benefit of the public. The ACT Government has taken great care to ensure the information in this report is as correct and accurate as possible. Whilst the information is considered to be true and correct at the date of publication, changes in circumstances after the time of publication may impact on the accuracy of the information. Differences in statistical methods and calculations, data updates and guidelines may result in the information contained in this report varying from previously published information.