The 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend adults eat:

  • at least two serves of fruit, and
  • five serves of vegetables (women) or five to six serves of vegetables (for men depending on their age).

The 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend that adolescents and children eat between 1-2 serves of fruit and between 2.5-5.5 serves of vegetables, depending on their age and sex.

In 2014-15, 96.6% ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (aged 15 years and over) reported having inadequate daily vegetable consumption and 55.1% reported having inadequate fruit consumption compared with 94.2% and 54.2% respectively for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


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Codes & Sources

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics. 4714.0 - National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey, 2014-15

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