The ACT has had consistent and impressive declines in smoking rates over the last decade.  Daily smoking has significantly decreased from 12.3% in 2007-2008 to 10% in 2013-2014 overall and similarly for females (10.4% to 7.8%).  Male smoking behaviour has remained constant for this time period (14.3% to 12.6%).


52.4% never smoked
10% of adults smoke daily
2.6% smoke occasionally
12.7% current smokers


46.3% never smoked
12.6% of adults smoke daily
3.7% smoke occasionally
16.3% current smokers


57.6% never smoked
7.8% of adults smoke daily
1.7% smoke occasionally
9.5% current smokers

Please note that for females aged 18-34 years the value has a relative standard error of 25% to 50% and should be used with caution.


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